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Introductory words about MH_Thesaurus


I decided to create this private community dedicated to Mr. Mark Harmon.
The main idea of this place is searching rare movies with this amazing actor. I hope that in the near future people from all over the world will join us and together we will collect wonderful material. I'm also planning to post here some photos, videos, articles, interviews. Basically, there are no limits.

Everyone is welcome. Yet I would like to hear a couple of words from those who wish to join.

This community is strictly private. All the posts are intended exclusively for the users. Please always friend-lock a post!

When posting, please use LiveJournal cuts for HQ pictures, long articles etc.

In the process of posting articles, videos, photo etc. please give references about the source of the information.

If you decided to post any material from this community, please, point the place where you did that. Do try not to write openly about downloading links of the movies!

Looking forward to your assistance. So volunteers to position of moderators are welcome.